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Funding for domestic energy generation installations


The Government is pumping a great deal of money into encouraging householders to install renewable energy generating installations. So now is a great time to check out the potential financial assistance available.


Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

If you are installing air pumps or solar thermal (hot water solar panels) you may qualify for payments from the Government under their Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.


The Feed-in Tariff

Your electricity supplier may pay you a Feed-in Tariff (F.I.T.) for generating your own electricity.  You can also sell extra units of electricity back to your provider for a tidy profit through an Export Tariff.  The tariff is available for solar PV, wind turbines and hydroelectricity (hydro power)

For the latest Feed-in-Tariff rates go to www.gov.uk/feed-in-tariffs

Other Funding Options

Since the introduction of Feed-in Tariffs, a number of companies have started offering to install renewable energy generating equipment for free.  The majority of these companies specialise in installing free solar panels.  They do this in return for income generated through the Export Tariff.  The benefit of these schemes is that households can tap into the free energy available from the renewable energy generating equipment without paying the high upfront installation cost.


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