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Become a Product Host


What's a Product Host?

More and more companies are turning to product host parties to promote their goods.  A product party is intended to be a relaxed and fun place for a group of friends (prospective customers) to test out what’s on offer.  

When they first started, most product parties were restricted to household items, like Tupperware or cooking utensils. Fortunately, things are a little more varied nowadays. Products now range from wine tasting and lingerie collections to cosmetics and even DIY gear. If you have a natural flair for hosting, this could be the perfect side-line for you.


How does it work?

You invite a rep to your home from one of your chosen brand.  You then invite your friends along to see how the products work. You are also likely to receive some freebies. Furthermore, it won’t cost you anything to run your party, as all you do is provide the venue - which is usually your home.

Alternatively, you can become a representative of a company, entrusted to attend or host these parties and sell the products yourself. It’s a more demanding role than simply playing host, but it’s possible to earn good money through commission.

How to set up your party

Step 1: Contact a company whose products you are interested in.  There are a wide range of companies that now do these types of events, so go hunting online. Just Google "product host brand". Most companies will have a form to fill in to arrange a callback. Remember, you are providing these businesses with a sales platform, so it’s all completely free.


Step 2: Once you have a date for your product party, invite all your friends, neighbours and some folks from work. Maybe create a Facebook event so people can RSVP. The important thing is to get the word out there! Tell your guests to bring along a friend and make your product party lively and fun.


Step 3: You want to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for your guests. The informality of it all is what makes product host parties a success!


Step 4: Enjoy your commission and your freebies!


Popular Examples

To get you started, here are some helpful links to popular companies that promote their products through hosting:

Further Advice

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