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Convert your spare room into your own home gym 

Spending a Fortune trying to get fit?

Many people are forking out for gym memberships they will end up not using.


Cancel that Gym Membership

Why not take control, cancel your membership and set up your own personal gym in a spare room instead? The upfront costs are very affordable, especially if you buy second-hand. In next to no time, you’ll find that the money saved through your cancelled gym membership will have more than covered the initial costs.


More Convenience = More Training

As well as saving money, you can also gain the convenience of having a personal gym on hand 24/7.  Plus, your own fitness suite means no more queuing to use certain pieces of equipment and no more driving to the gym!

If you source your equipment from the second-hand market, you can expect to get a decent treadmill for about £150 and a multi-gym or workout bench with weights for around £100.

Even better still, you could get in shape for free! Many compound workouts such as push-ups and crunches can be done with no equipment at all. As for cardio, all you really need is a £30 pair of trainers to get out and enjoy some fresh air.

If you require a fitness instructor to keep you motivated, check out the wide range of online fitness classes, which cost a fraction of the price of conventional fitness classes.  Alternatively, download a mobile fitness app, which provides the added benefit of allowing you to monitor your progress.


Further Advice

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